One week till The Fuck Ups (on Spotify)

Starting January 1…

The Fuck Ups (1) - New Years EveOnly one week till you’ll formally meet The Fuck Ups

We were a bunch of high school seniors  entering the home stretch. Good kids with our whole lives ahead of us.

And then the shit started hitting the fan.

  • Adam Siegal, my cousin. A nice kid, quiet, peace maker.
  • Dave Rover. Mostly called “Rover.”
  • Helen Beagle. Yes, she’s disabled. Not a problem.
  • Charles “Fat Charlie” Johnson. An awesome human being.
  • Sean Chang. We know he’s got money, but we try not to hold it against him.
  • Jesus Ramirez. Another really nice guy.
  • The Narrator. Me. Somewhat reliable.

The Fuck Ups is an experiment in serialized audio fiction targeted for weekly distribution on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play Music (and more). If you have any of these services, it’s already included in your plan. If you don’t, you can listen for as little as $1 by becoming a Patreon/Patron (feel free to contribute more). You can also purchase installments through the abovementioned services, but to be honest it will cost less if you’re a Patron.

Look for a new cut from The Fuck Ups every week until it finishes. Each cut will contain one or more “tracks”. Think of it like chapters and subchapters.

We’ll also be posting other audio pieces from time to time, and special features for Patrons

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The Fuck Ups is part of The Bark Minder Project’s experimentation with new audiences and forms of distribution.

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