Loki Ragnarok

It took twenty years and the prodding of the entire Marvel Universe to get LOKI RAGNAROK to press. Now it’s an Audie Award Finalist for Original Work!

Yes, my first love of Norse mythology came from the old Thor comics, but it wasn’t until I studied mythology storytelling with T.E. Gaster, David Damrosch and Spalding Gray that the depth of the old stories resonated.

The book is available in a variety of formats — hardcover, ebook and audio book, as well as limited edition softcover and CD. Libraries can purchase it through Overdrive, Ingram or Amazon.


“A well-told tale of the Norse gods… told not from the point of view of the heroic Thor or Odin, but through the eyes of Loki, the trickster.…
As Binder says in his introduction, this is not for children.… Binder’s voice swoops and soars, now angry, now gleeful and now mocking, as Loki tells these stories of the gods run amok.”

—Alan Rosenberg, Providence Journal

This 77-minute audiobook is based on Norse mythology and weaves a tale of Viking Armageddon from the titular character’s point of view. Listeners might come away from the experience with a greater understanding of violence and revenge cycles visible in our world.

—Motif Magazine
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