Disclaimer (late 2017 edition)


Sex and Power.

They go together like the dark chocolate wafers and the white creme of an Oreo.

Chances are good that any and every piece of comic or artistic work could and will offend someone.

Bark tries to be politically aware and sensitive. And sometimes he’s a jerk. Occasionally this is deliberate. He was born with WMP** and knows it. It’s obvious from his picture. Yes, he’s done things he regrets. Nothing (he hopes) that would get him on Fox News. Mostly though, he doesn’t want to talk about his life — that’s why he’s a self-created avatar.

Do we need to only speak to audience like ourselves in ways that don’t “trigger” upset? If we can’t hear stories that aren’t politically, socially or environmentally correct, how can we understand or create compassion for “the other?”

Bark’s work is occasionally political in content. Ideally, he’d like to create things that everyone will enjoy using archaic tools called “free speech”, “imagination”, and “artistic freedom.” Some pieces showcase power dynamics that could be unfair, violent, disadvantageous, stereotypical, gratuitous, and perhaps ironic. If that offends you then bye bye.

**WMP: White Male Privilege.
Sometimes classified as a congenital disorder, an incurable affliction or “birthright”**. Symptoms include color blindness, insensitivity, arrogance, and stereotyping. Benefits of WMP include the perception of safety and invulnerability in many situations, especially involving the police in America. WMP also offers protection from sexual harassment — you’re supposed to “be grateful for the attention and enjoy it” —  except in the case of extreme violence or a proposition from male actors.

**Early research is inconclusive about the efficacy of WMP on transgender women and men. Or is that men and women? [Probably this is where we need a rimshot***: “sis boom bah!”]

***Comedy term that includes a snare drum, and a cymbal. Or an asshole and a tongue or penis.

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