Bark Minder Reveals Identity

The Bark Minder Project has been quiet on the web for a while. Even though our Podcasting and Spotify releases dropped off the radar, work on THE FUCKUPS continued. We kept Patrons in the loop, but to be honest let everything else drop. With the manuscript done, we’re now both looking for an agent and considering whether to simultaneously initiate a social media/crowdfunding release.

Mark “Bark Minder” Binder

Also, “Bark Minder” has revealed his true identity as author and storyteller Mark Binder.

“The Bark Minder Project was designed to give me a chance to create edgy and over-the-line material without risking my family-friendly audience,” Mark said in an interview with his alter ego. “I have been grateful of the space to create the work, and look forward to moving the project forward both in publishing and live performance.”

We asked “Mark” why he stopped distributing audio on Spotify.

“The Spotify experiment was illuminating,” he said. “It helped give the project structure and specificity. For instance, the first episodes were too long, and didn’t break into individual ‘tracks’. The need to have album covers for each chapter produced a graphic design component that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

“But Spotify wasn’t the best venue for serialized audio. And while our podcast was just beginning, ultimately, the time it took to record and edit the audio was slowing down the writing and editing process.

“My expectation is that if and when the book is finally released, we’ll reissue and rerecord the audio.”

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