The Fuckups – serial release on Spotify Starting January 1

A bunch of high school seniors The Fuck Ups (1) - New Years Eveare entering the home stretch. They’re good kids with their whole lives ahead of them.

And then the shit starts hitting the fan.

Starting January 1, Spotify will be featuring THE FUCK UPS, a new serialized audio fiction from The Bark Minder Project.

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A partial cast

These are some of the kids I hung out with—mostly in Dave Rover’s basement… We were almost all in the “College Prep” track. Good luck with that.

  • Adam Siegal, my cousin. A nice kid, quiet, peace maker. Studies the martial art Aikido
  • Dave Rover. Super Genius.
  • Helen Beagle. Yes, she’s disabled, but she drives a cool wheelchair and most of the time we don’t notice.
  • Charles “Fat Charlie” Johnson. One of my best friends. An awesome human being
  • Sean Chang. He moved to Groston from Fectville. We try not to hold it against him.
  • Jesus Ramirez. Another really nice guy

The Fuck Ups is part of The Bark Minder Project’s experimentation with new audiences and forms of distribution.

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